Anthony O’Sullivan Whimpton House Restorations Ltd, private clients:

  • gildin(water and oil),

Hare & Humpreys, Cafe Royal, London,

Hare & Humpreys, Cottier Theatre, Glasgow,

Hirst Conservation, Chapel of The Sacred Heart, London (UK):

  • retouching, oil gilding, gold patination, removal of repainting

Niel Trinders Furniture Restoration workshop Sheffield, volunteer work (UK)

Ethnographic Museum (Poland):

  • painted furniture, polychrome, inlaid work, varnishing,

Tworków (Poland):

  • main and side altar, cleaning, removal of repainting, replenishment paintings on wood (polychrome) gilding (water, oil),

Private client  (Germany):

  • varnishing furniture

Private client  (Germany, Berlin):

  • gilding of the dome (the ceiling), restaurant Havana Lounge,

Malbork (Poland):

  • cleaning of polychrome,

Villa Hestia Sopot (Poland):

  • joinery doors, removal of repainting, filling murals, decorative painting reproduction, gilding.

Villa Basner Sopot (Poland):

  • cleaning, replenishment of polychrome,

Krokowa castle (Poland):

  • cleaning, replenishment of polychrome on timber

Town Hall building "Żak" -  Gdańsk (Poland):

  • removal, repaint and replenishment in the interior murals

Church in Przechlewo (Poland):

  • gilding,

St Michaels Church  Słupsk (Poland):

  • pulpit restoration,

Nowy Staw (Poland):

  • high and side altar restoration,  removal of repainting,  replenishment

St. Nicolas church  Gdańsk (Poland):

  • restoration of crucifixion group,

Lubawskie city (Poland):

  • restoration ofgothic Crucifixion group,

Simon of Cyrene sculpture,

  • restoration of polychrome


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